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Drop in (Single Class) $30.00 - expires in 3 days - must reserve single class before it expires.
3 Class Card ($25 per class) $75.00 valid 30 days
6 Class Card ($19 per class) $115.00 valid 45 days
Monthly unlimited $165.00 ($5.50 per class)


($50 enrollment fee, auto-pay min 6 months)
5 Classes monthly $99.00 ($19.80 per class) 5 classes per month
8 Classes monthly $109.00 ($15 per class) 8 classes per month
Monthly unlimited classes $139.00 ($4.63 per class)
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I have been consistently doing hot yoga for a decade now, even when pandemic hit. I just love the effect of it on my body and mind, wonderfully.

I am not a doctor but I can truly say, in my personal experience, that it helped me conceive my youngest.

I had to undergo medical intervention for my first born to be conceived, after 5 years of trying. But with my youngest, my husband and I were surprised that we were able to, without any intervention. The only different thing that I did during that time was that I had just started hot yoga a few months before. I believe it had made my body ready for pregnancy. And I am truly grateful for that.

Also, my cholesterol level improved after doing hot yoga for a long time, proven by my lab results. And my sleep became more deep and peaceful. It gave me a glow that everyone notices. I have more energy in my day to day duties, be it work or family. I feel it improved my overall health.

It is not for everyone, I think. But you will never know until you give it a try. So stop being curious! Be proactive with your health right now. Your body and mind will thank you for sure!

Go ahead and make that healthy change. As what one of the instructors would always say, 'NO ONE will take care of your body except you.'

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