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Drop in (Single Class) $30.00 - expires in 3 days - must reserve single class before it expires.
3 Class Card ($25 per class) $75.00 valid 30 days
6 Class Card ($19 per class) $115.00 valid 45 days
Monthly unlimited $165.00 ($5.50 per class)


($50 enrollment fee, auto-pay min 6 months)
5 Classes monthly $99.00 ($19.80 per class) 5 classes per month
8 Classes monthly $109.00 ($15 per class) 8 classes per month
Monthly unlimited classes $139.00 ($4.63 per class)
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I started doing yoga 7 years ago since my back problems started after doing high impact training, I used to fuel my hyperactivity with activities that felt like fueling me, but it ended up hurting my body in a bad way. One day I heard a voice and I followed the directions: Someone told me about this hot yoga and I had no idea what it was, but I gave it a chance, I showed up to the studio and at the end of the class I totally knew I belong there and never stopped. At the beginning of my yoga practice it was more about the physical healing, and that was the only part I understood about the practice, stretching, working out, contractions, losing weight, that was it. I consider myself a disciplined and mentally strong person, so I stick to the practice easily .And that’s when the magic began!

The moment I started understanding about how to listen to my body, I started to understand my body, and started to communicate with it and understand what exactly I need. That’s when my practice begun to introspect in my body and my mind and I started having the best communication and indescribable vibration between. How I control my body and how my mind automatically became affected, it was amazing! The real magic began between these two and everything else came automatically. I learned exactly what yoga was doing inside of me, I learned exactly what my body was asking me, what my body needs, being patient and respectful with it and understand exactly what I’m able to do and embrace every single part of my body the way it is. That’s when I learned exactly what really means flexible, it’s beyond of your body flexibility, it’s about your mind flexibility, have the ability to be able to be in every moment of your life without disrupting your peace and without take away your breath. On my life Yoga became my flexibility to be in different hard situations in my life, without losing my breath and be able to breath like nothing happens, being able to have my balance so no air, voice, not even an earthquake can disrupt me and take me down. Everything else that yoga gives to me, I say that there are the sprinkles on the cake. This Yoga is part of me.

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