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Drop in (Single Class) $30.00 - expires in 3 days - must reserve single class before it expires.
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8 Classes monthly $109.00 ($15 per class) 8 classes per month
Monthly unlimited classes $139.00 ($4.63 per class)
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About two years ago I returned to hot yoga after a years-long hiatus when I began training for a half-marathon. I'd had migraine headaches since I was a child, but once I started running they occurred more frequently. They were totally debilitating and happened almost once a week. I went back to yoga in the hopes that it would stop the migraines and balance out the negative effects of running.

I started practicing twice a week, and immediately the migraines stopped. I also lost weight, and because of the breathing exercises practiced in class, my lung capacity expanded considerably and enabled me to run longer without exhaustion.

After the half-marathon, I stopped running and increased my practice to a minimum of three times per week. The benefits increased: I was less anxious throughout the day. Although I never had a problem with alcohol, I suddenly lost any desire to consume it. I also stopped wanting to eat poultry and red meat, and I started craving some healthier food. The migraines have decreased in frequency from once or twice a month to twice a year. I appreciate the general level of fitness I now have. Because of yoga, I've gone from being the girl who loathed any physical activity to the one who is always up for a hike.

The biggest benefits of all have been mental. I am calmer in my daily life than I ever have been, even on the days I don't practice yoga. It's also pretty cool to see myself on the days when I can hold Standing Bow or balance in Toe Stand!

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