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Online yoga with Bonita hot yoga during this pandemic. Back in March, I set up my yoga mat, a small mirror and heat lamp in my bedroom. I was trying to take class 3 times a week as I had before. It was good but not the same as being with all my fellow yogis. I was missing my friends and the yoga felt different. My extroverted self longed for human contact. A few weeks later, I had moved from my bedroom to the family room where my tv served as a bigger mirror and Dave joined me. We did the yoga together a few times a week and pushed each other not to fall out of postures and tried not to talk about donuts and beer or what was for dinner. Monkey minds the two of us But after awhile the family room became my studio, my yoga mat is here in the corner and I have come to quiet my mind and do the yoga mindfully. Trust me - it’s hard when you have so many other things to worry about. The heat lamp is gone. I don’t need the heat to feel the stretch. The relaxation I feel after is just what I need. It took me 2 1/2 months to come to the realization that I can let go for those 90 minutes and just do yoga. It has helped tremendously in keeping me sane. Thank you Sonia for keeping the yoga going online.

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